Point of Sale: “ShopSeller”

Automation of management and accounting of integrated networks of grocery stores, coffee houses, bakeries, equipped with touch terminals, bar code scanners, scales, printers, fiscal registers, counters. The complex is created in the form of modules integrated into the existing integrated enterprise management system, as a joint solution to the issues:

  • increase customer loyalty, through flexible identification systems, bonuses, and customer notifications;
  • reduction of production and trade costs, through automated functions to control shelf life, prevent abuse;
  • increase of sales efficiency, due to integrated customizable marketing and merchandising properties of goods and products;
  • eliminating human factor errors in customer calculations, through the ergonomics of the interface, and integrated monitoring functions;
  • ensuring safe management accounting, through the use of cloud technologies;
  • simplification of inventory inventories, through the integration of weighing and identification tools, calculations of planned balances, control and planning of the warehouse and supplies;
  • ensuring effective economic and public accountability;
  • compliance with legal requirements.

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