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Business Card

- Excellent for representing any business in the form of single or multi-page website.

Internet Store

- Has all the necessary functionality for the selection of positions, including with the help of custom filters, "basket", payment in the basket in various ways.
- The assortment can include: Goods, Downloadable materials, Services, Goods and Services. Together.

Landing page

- A single-page selling site, perfectly suited for the presentation and receipt of orders of one or several products / services.

Corporate portal

- Multitasking site for convenient presentation of a large amount of important structured information for internal and external customers of the company.


We create sites adaptable to the screens of all mobile and desktop devices, using technologies that are necessarily supported by the best modern browsers: Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Safari, according to your wishes for design, or based on your existing layout:


- We will create for you a unique design, according to your line of business, description and your examples:

Your sketch

- If you already have a website, sketch or layout, the appearance of which you want to save, we will make a new site with the preservation of your favorite appearance, and improve it, according to your wishes and technological novelties.
- The use of ready-made templates is practiced and justified when the minimum period and cost of implementing a website are critical.

Ready template

- If you have already purchased a ready-made template, on the basis of which we will create a website, we will take into account all your wishes for its adaptation and finalization.

CMS Engine:

Content Management System (CMS):


- About 20% of all sites in the world are built on the basis of this amazing, freely distributed powerful and at the same time easy-to-use platform.


- Excellent platform for online store, with free code, powerful and easy to use logic, a lot of available extensions of functionality.


- Unlimitedly expandable content management system, built on the interaction of modules, with open source, designed for sites of any complexity, including corporate portals.

Without the engine

- At the dawn of the Internet, before the engines (content management systems) appeared, the sites were created only using the HTML hypertext markup language, style sheets and scripts. Today, such sites also benefit those owners who very rarely make changes to the content of these websites. These websites have the best performance, clarity, security . Perhaps their only drawback is that to fill them the content manager needs to know the hypertext markup language.

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